If you have visited, you already know. If not, you are definitely missing out. We take the world-famous Greek hospitality and entertainment to another level on all aspects here at Theos Greek Restaurant . From Live music and events, to Buffet, gatherings, plate smashing and a lot more, rest assured your visit to the Little Greek will be one to remember until your next visit.


But most of all we are proud of our Greek heritage, our fans and frequent visitors at Theos Greek Restaurant . Mimis is an accomplished Chef with over 30 years of experience cooking Greek culinary delights and meals and is passionate about Healthy and Delicious food. It is paramount to us that all our guests leave the restaurant Happy, Entertained and with a Full stomach – We look forward to meeting you!

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We are local to Hailfax and have a special relationship with the residents. Our first restaurant, Theos Greek Restaurant was a tremendous success and due to popular demand and frequent requests, we decided to go ahead with Theos Greek Restaurant. An updated, more modern version of Theos Greek Restaurant in a beautiful environment where we are able to provide our unique Greek dishes and atmosphere.

Food quality
is most important to us

We serve a variety of delicious Greek dishes from meze and filling starters to delicious mains and full course meals. Our cuisine is diverse and our Chef and Owner Mimis is more than happy to accommodate your needs so feel free to always ask for any special requirements. We also have an Early bird menu available as a 1-2 or 3 course meal and freshly made Greek desserts on the side

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We are happy to be able to offer you our Main menu full of eclectic Greek starters, meze and unique dishes.